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Academic Year, If your business deal with or caters the academic community, then you can consider a3 menu printing the academic calendars as your promo item. The academic has its own set of activities and the yearly cycle which the students, their parents who work at the academic follows. Each school follows a schedule which you can use in general instead of being specific with the date. The school starts in September and ends in June. It follows the holidays which are set by the government. Business Cards - The Dos and Don'ts, The business card is indispensable part for a professional. But, it’s very important for the job seeker too. The potential employers can deduce about the taste, talents and the competence of the job seeker through the business card. What a job seeker must have in his card? .

Customized Caps Can Help People Recognize Your Employees, During trade shows and other similar events, it can become quite difficult for visitors to differentiate between company personnel and other visitors. You can let your employees wear customized caps which have your company’s logo. People will be able to understand that the ones with caps belong to your company. If they require any assistance they can approach the right people as they can be identified with the help of the caps. Usually people roam around a booth trying to figure out who is an employee so that they can get their queries clarified. Custom caps can eliminate this type of confusion completely.


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